Exciting News: Alliance Executive Jets Ltd. & Hans Jet Join Forces!

At Alliance Executive Jets Ltd, we are thrilled to bring you some exciting news. Our sister company, Hans Jet, located in Malta, is embarking on an extraordinary journey as we join forces.

Navigating through the complexities of operational, compliance, and safety documentation, along with intensive conversion training, Hans Jet have successfully obtained the necessary approvals to operate commercially under the Alliance Air Operator Certificate (AOC). This milestone marks the beginning of a new era for Hans Jet and AllianceJet. 


The Power of a Superhero Team-Up

Imagine this collaboration as a dynamic superhero team-up! Hans Jet is a boutique private charter company that operates a fleet of PC12 aircraft. We are a specialist in aircraft management, covering an extensive range from PC12 to Bizliner. Our impressive fleet includes a Global 6000 and two Challenger 605 aircrafts, which significantly enhances our combined capabilities. With this partnership, the Hans Jet brand will continue to flourish within the realm of Alliance Executive Jets.


Taking Flight Under the Maltese Flag


Hans Jet’s PC12s, registered as 9H-EHA and 9H-EHB, are all set to take flight under the Maltese flag. These exceptional aircrafts are primed for full charter flights, ensuring you have the flexibility and convenience you rightfully deserve. What sets Hans Jet apart is their innovative floating base concept, allowing them to effortlessly transport you throughout Europe, providing an array of travel options tailored to your unique needs.


Introducing Hans Travel: Beyond Ordinary


But our exciting announcements don’t end there. We’re thrilled to introduce you to another remarkable addition to our family, Hans Travel – a boutique luxury travel agency that goes beyond the ordinary. With dedicated teams specialising in corporate and leisure travel worldwide, Hans Travel offers you unparalleled 24/7 service.  CEO Hans Cauchi emphasises, “Hans Travel is dedicated to creating unique, tailor-made, and hassle-free travel experiences for our clients.”  Whether you have inquiries or an insatiable itch to plan your next adventure, our dedicated team is at your service, prepared to make your travel dreams a reality.


Thank you for being part of our network and for your continued support. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Alliance Executive Jets Ltd. 

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