Affording every convenience from passenger lounges to concierge facilities,  
our clients can avail from a variety of resources prior to departure and beyond landing  

AllianceJet extensive fixed based operations enable us to provide a local service to our expanding international customer base. Highly experienced in global fuel sales, aircraft management, and corporate charter, as operators we are prolific in delivering excellent customer service. We provide a wide range of quality services to facilitate commercial and military aircraft via our operations from Dublin and Shannon Airport, and aim to ensure every aspect of a trip runs smoothly.  

Proudly serving our valued clients from government, military and major corporations 


Alliance Trip Support KSA division offers a range of services for our clients in regions such as the Middle East in particular Bahrain, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Egypt and Kuwait. These are regions where we have very strong partnerships with local ground handling service providers. Some of the services we provide are: 

  • Coordination of ground services in ME (our personnel on the ramp). 
  • Flight planning and coordination. 
  • Crew HOTAC and transport. 
  • Transport services with secured vehicles and trained drivers. 
  • Fuel arrangements in non DLA locations.


Our location at Dublin Airport offer our clients a VIP passenger experience service via the Platinum Lounge and inter plane fuelling service 

Shannon Airport avails of the second longest runway in Europe at 3,200m. and benefits from clear weather records for remaining open. Operational 24/7 year round, at this optimal location we can offer maximum flexibility to clients throughout the summer and winter season. We have a full US Pre customs clearance facility and the only air side VIP lounge, Duty Free access and hangar service. 


We are evolving the Air Card processing system to the next level, bringing the convenience of US preclearance to passengers prior to their departure. Custom Clearance Shannon is the only location in the world, outside of the Americas, that can offer US preclearance for business aviation passengers and crew. This service enables Alliance Flight Support US bound clients to benefit from immigration and customs clearance prior to departure, ensuring an easier and faster ‘domestic’ flight arrival experience in the US. With rapid turnaround times, as short as 45 minutes, and inter plane fuelling services available, Shannon is the ideal stop off or starting point if you need to access the USA quickly and efficiently. 

AllianceJet Flight Support has proven to be one of the most reliable  
and desirable FBOs in the country. 


As an NCAGE certified vendor and preferred handling agent for the US Military since 2009 US Alliance provides the US Government with services that include ground handling, trip support, maintenance, hangar service, DLA refuellingUS Customs pre clearance, and complete payment processing/digital settlements with acceptance of the US Gov Air Card.  

In offering contract Fuel (JET A1) to the corporate jet industry, US Government, Military and associated agencies using the US Gov Air Card, US Alliance can provide fuel releases anywhere in the world at competitive prices and favourable credit terms for our clients. 

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