Exceptional at our core

Over the past months we have all felt the importance of adaptability and real connection. We understand the necessity of physical journey and those demands on your time require aviation solutions that are carefully tailored to ensure seamless travel with optimum efficiency.

At Alliance Aviation group we have continued our own journey of expansion and evolution, as we introduce AllianceJet our new AOC role in the global luxury business jet sector.

Plans will still shift and itineraries continue to change, and we are there to adjust, make, and deliver the schedule. Whatever the destination or unique travel requirement, our bespoke flight solutions strive to facilitate your specific needs whether private individual, CEO, entrepreneur, or head of state.

Our exceptional personnel, crew and expanding fleet are readily available within 3 hours, to get you airborne and on your way.



Evolution to approved AOC

AllianceJet is a part of the Alliance Aviation Group of companies, an approved AOC company with a home base in Malta. It has assets and a physical presence in Ireland, Malta, and Middle East. Technology is paramount in aviation safety, and the IT team maintain and develop systems in synergy with our operations. Through our US Alliance division we have evolved the Air Card processing system to bring the convenience of US preclearance to passengers.


AllianceJet extensive fixed based operations enable us to provide a local service to our expanding international customer base. Highly experienced in global fuel sales, aircraft management, and corporate charter, as operators we are prolific in delivering excellent customer service. We provide a wide range of quality services to facilitate commercial and military aircraft via our operations from Dublin and Shannon Airport, and aim to ensure every aspect of a trip runs smoothly.


Trip Support

Alliance Trip Support division offers a range of services for our clients in regions such as the Middle East in particular Bahrain, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Egypt and Kuwait. These are regions where we have very strong partnerships with local ground handling service providers. 



In conjunction with JDM Software – our partner company, we have developed an innovative online booking and payment platform – FBO Online. This operating system transforms the booking transaction into a rapid, straightforward user experience – allowing crew to concentrate on their pre flight routines. Moreover – it provides complete convenience to our clients, allowing payment for all services without leaving the ramp.

Military and Defence

US Alliance Flight Support is part of the Alliance Aviation Group and has been the preferred Ground handling agency at EINN for all US government agencies. By offering a range of services to the US personnel and going beyond to deliver the best and most secure service to our clients’ missions and ensuring you will come back through on your way back home. Supporting all US Military Crews and their Distinguished Passengers stopping into Shannon for a quick Tech Stop, Contract Fuel and Duty Free Shopping.