An aircraft with outstanding capabilities, offering a truly exceptional in-flight experience. We can fly up to thirteen passengers, thirteen hours at high speed, non-stop, to anywhere in the world. The Global 6000 provides an exclusive, luxurious and comfortable environment, fully equipped for business needs providing more relaxation and entertainment amenities than any other large business jet.

  • Year of manufacture: 2014
  • Tail number: 9H-ANS
  • Endurance: 13:00
  • Range: 5,998nm | 11,110km
  • Maximum speed: 590mph | 950km/h
  • Passenger capacity: 13 | 5 sleeping

Floor – Day Configuration 

Floor – Night Configuration

Each of our aircraft offers outstanding capabilities, with the most advanced navigational instruments to exceptional in-flight comfort; our luxurious cabins are fully equipped for your relaxation and business needs.

Our personnel are exceptional – from pilots and cabin crew to ground staff, all are highly experienced and dedicated to delivering best practice airline services.

Our flights have at least one Cabin Hostess and two flight deck crew. To maintain maximum familiarity and ensure instinctive reactions our pilots only fly one type of jet aircraft, and are subject to several training modules every year.

Never far from your side – your pet should expect the same level of excellent service as you do! From healthy food options to travel bags and sleeping mats, we are highly experienced in the diverse needs and challenges when traveling with animal guests. We make sure to provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your faithful friend.