US Alliance Trip Support is licensed ground handler since 2008 proudly serving our valued clients from government, military and special missions.

Ground handling at einn

For over 10 years US Alliance has been the preferred ground handling agency at EINN for all US government agencies. As an NCAGE certified vendor – at US Alliance we co-ordinate DLA and contract Fuel (JET A1) to the US Government/US Military and associated agencies using the US Gov Air Card. We also provide trip support, maintenance, hangar service and most notably – US Customs pre clearance. We offer a range of tailored services to the US personnel going above and beyond to deliver the best, most secure service to their missions. This ultimately ensures repeat and return custom by way of a welcome stop-over prior to the final leg of their repatriation back to the United States.

24/7 Service

With a full ground operation service 24/7 in Shannon Airport, without slot restrictions or noise abatements, we can handle missions around the clock with relatively short notice.

We guarantee a swift on-the-ground response in arranging and coordinating all ramp service and other services. We pride ourselves in supporting all US Military Crews and their distinguished passengers stopping into Shannon for a quick tech stop, contract fuel, lounge use or duty free shopping.

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